PCASL – Piliyandala

According to the constitution of the association , it is empowered to set up panels to carry out specific tasks.”pilpalpan” is the Piliyandala panel of the PCASL- Piliyandala is a suburb of Colombo situated about 8 miles to the the south of the capital.

Pilpalpan is a grass roots organisation that developed entirely as a community initiative inspired by the PCASL- Presently all stakeholders are residents of the Kesbewa electorate which comprises about 75 grama niladari div isions. Its vision is to have all families in the area empowered to face the inevitable crisis of a life limiting illness with app roprite , compassionate care being extended to the dying patients and their long suffering families . Our mission is to be a role model for other panels and similar organisations in the country. We hope to do this with the support of our parent body, all relevant stakehold ers in the area and other national & international organisa tions whose support could be channelled through the PCASL.